Autumn seems to have landed and the colours across the beacons and here at Cwtch Farm are incredible.  We love to get out into the great outdoors all year around, but this season is pretty special. 

Throughout the pandemic being outside has always been considered as far less of a risk of contracting COVID than being indoors and we all know the exercise is good for us so if you are thinking about getting out and about, use our safety tips below and get out enjoying the breath-taking scenery safely!

Western Brecon Beacons walk - Llyn Y Fan Fach Lake

One of the best ways to stay safe while enjoying the National parks is to plan ahead. This has always been an important tip but is even more so now. So, a few things you need to know before you set off.

  • Have you got a mobile phone and is it fully charged?
  • Do you know where you are going? Make sure that you know where there are facilities such as car parks, toilets, and shops – plan your day out well! It is worth doing a little more research than normal here as some facilities are not open or have adjusted their opening hours.
  • You will also need to check that you have the right gear from appropriate footwear, to extra clothing in case the weather changes, which it often does -after all this is Wales!!
  • Have a fully loaded water bottle and at least a few snacks especially if you aren’t taking a picnic although we prefer to make a day of it and take lunch with us.

Keeping safe goes hand in hand with making sure that you have enough knowledge of the area you are going to visit and have the right skills to get you through the day safely. If you have any doubts it may be worth starting out small and building up to the bigger adventures.

map and walking boots

An issue that has brought this beautiful country to the news lately is the crowds of people that have been spotted at some of the more popular beauty spots. It is always good to have a backup place to visit in case when you arrive it feels too crowded. Within the Brecon Beacons National park there are certain areas that become very crowded very quickly such as Pen Y Fan and Waterfall Country. Although these places are amazing to visit, they are also not going anywhere anytime soon so you have plenty of time to get there. They are also only a tiny part of this amazing park. The National Park covers over 520 square miles and there is far more to see than just those headline places!

Just because you are outdoors does not mean that those distancing rules should now be forgotten. Make sure that you keep your 2 meters apart, if you need a visual representation of this it is about 2 sheep apart. With this in mind make sure that you are sanitizing your hands regularly and try to avoid touching gates, stiles etc.

We need to remain patient and kind to each other while we all try to adjust to the new normal. This will help to ensure that everyone can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and stay safe too.

So, to recap be prepared, do your research before you set off and have a great day.  Don’t be that person perched on the top of Pen Y Fan in your flipflops and vest top!  Even if the weather is great when you set out, it will be considerably colder at the top of the hills and mountains and the weather can change very quickly so keep safe and have a great day out exploring.

Here are some useful links to help you plan your day out.

https://what3words.com/daring.lion.race – The simplest way to talk about location.

https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/ – Planning your route

https://www.relive.cc/?hl=en – Track your journey whether its walking, running or cycling.

https://www.mountainwarehouse.com/ – Affordable outdoor wear.

https://carpark.beacons-npa.gov.uk/ – National Park live car park tracker

https://www.breconbeacons.org/ – Up to date information on the national park.


phone and walking sticks