We all know Wales is a place of beauty and a treasure trove for those with dogs, that’s why staycations here are booming. As someone who has lived here almost her entire life, I’ve had the privilege to walk many of the coastal paths with my dog, let him dig holes at the beach and take in the most glorious mountain top views. Having a rescue dog isn’t always a walk in the park, but it’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. All of our days out are filled with adventures, lots of sniffing spots, photo opportunities, a coffee (or better yet- lunch!) and a touch of practicality, thanks to some innovative gear that makes owning a reactive dog like Stanley a little bit easier.

Stanley is the apple of my eye, the most affectionate dog I’ve ever known who just sticks to me like Velcro. As soon as his collar and lead appear there is no way to contain the excitement for the upcoming ride that awaits him, especially if he knows we are going to the beach. There’s something about that salty air and the little grains of sand that blow when the wind rips across the beach that ignites his spirit.

Stanley loves to dig. He’ll tunnel through the sand with limitless enthusiasm, his tail wagging furiously as he unearths more and more sand. To his confusion, the holes he digs often fill with water, transforming his excavation sites into impromptu puddles. he revels in the sensation of sand beneath his paws, rolling and frolicking as if he were a toddler in the snow for the first time.

As much fun as this is, our beach adventures come with their own set of challenges. Stanley, is reactive to people, which means he can’t roam freely off a lead in open spaces. To begin with, I couldn’t find anything to suit him, extendable leads would break or get wrapped around his feet, short leads gave him no freedom, and if I put him on a long line it was too much freedom. Determined to ensure both his safety and enjoyment, I decided to create my own solution, the Pathfinder training lead.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Pathfinder lead allows Stanley the freedom to roam within a two-meter radius while providing me with the control and security I need. Whether we’re navigating narrow coastal paths or pausing for a well-deserved coffee break, this innovative lead adapts to our every need. Its adjustable length can be shortened to be worn around my waist or shoulder, providing convenience and comfort without compromising on safety. There are 9 ways it can be used with safety at the forefront, which is why the Pathfinder lead doubles as a secure restraint for Stanley during our travels. With one end clipped to the car’s ISOFIX and the other to his harness, I can drive with peace of mind, knowing that my co-pilot is safe and secure in the back seat. Plus, the lead’s fluorescent piping ensures visibility in low-light conditions, adding an extra layer of safety to our adventures.

Speaking of the car, let’s not forget about the post-beach cleanup because the bigger and hairier the dog, the worse it is. Anyone who’s ever embarked on a seaside adventure with their dog knows the struggle of dealing with sand and water-soaked coats, a secondary problem I faced was finding something to fit a dog with a wide chest, that would dry his chest and belly. Soon after, the Pathfinder drying coat went into production, and now our return journey is a breeze. With a quick wrap and a few shakes, he’s dry, clean, and ready to hop back into the car, leaving behind the lingering scent of salty air instead of wet dog.

By the time we get home, there’s a happy, sleepy, dry dog that’s ready for his dinner and another nap after a day out exploring. I think that’s all any of us can ask for after a dog walk.

If you would like to treat your dog to the Pathfinder range above or even just invest in some fun treats for your dog after their adventures in Wales then take a look at Hack & Hound a Welsh-based business specialising in Equestrian and Dog products! 

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