For anyone who has ever owned a dog, you know what a big part of your life they are. So when it comes to getting away from the stresses and strains of daily life and taking a break, having to leave your four-legged friend behind can be stressful!

Besides the decision of who do you leave your precious dog with there is also the cost of that care. But what if could avoid all of that stress and just take them with you?

Many dog owners think that holidaying with their pet is going to be supremely difficult – if not impossible. That you will be heavily restricted as to where you can stay and what you can do but the truth is you just have to find the right place especially when it comes to where you are going to be staying with your dog. Here at Cwtch Farm, those muddy paws are not a problem and in fact, we welcome your furry family with open arms. We often prefer them to our human guests….. but don’t tell anyone!!

Our B&B caters to your dogs as a home from home. We have dog-friendly floors, and walls that are easy to clean so those muddy paw prints and that big shake they do when they are soaking wet and covered in mud is no problem at all. We also provide plenty of doggy towels and an outside hose to wash away the fun of a day in the mountains or beach regardless of the welsh weather!!

Double room

Cwtch Farm not only boasts easy access to some of the most amazing countryside for you to explore with your furry friend, but we also have a safe secure garden for them to run around in after a long day trekking. We all know how they have boundless energy no matter what you do with them! We can even provide you with a spare lead just in case.

All our rooms have that dog-friendly floor we talked about, great for easy cleaning and we also provide washable mats just in case there is a little accident. So please don’t worry we know it happens sometimes! Not only are your dogs welcomed with open arms but we even put a few special treats in your room just for them. Helping to ensure that they are as comfortable as you are during your stay with us.

winter dog cwtch farm b&b
Georgie the collie

Our doggy friends have access to the breakfast area and all the other communal areas in the house. So don’t think you will have to keep them in your room while you are enjoying a meal or relaxing in our lounge room in front of the fire. They can be right there by your side experiencing it all.

And if you fancy an evening out without your furry sidekick, we are more than happy to arrange a pet sitting service for you just let us know in advance.

Being able to travel with your dog can be such a wonderful experience for both of you. Explore new lands and have some great adventures all without ever having to worry if your precious furry family member is missing you, because they will be right by your side enjoying the experience with you! Cwtch Farm makes all that possible without the worry of there being muddy paws, dog fur, or even the odd accident.

Just relax, unwind, and enjoy a wonderful break full of discovery and adventure with your four-legged friend by your side!

For more information the contact us at info@cwtchfarm.co.uk