You’ve probably seen many statements about supporting small business and it’s true what they say; When you buy from a small business you really are supporting a dream and yes here at Cwtch Farm we do a little happy dance every time that we receive a direct booking. It’s not all about the money either, we started our B&B business because we love people, we love to please, and we love to show everyone what South Wales and the Brecon Beacons have to offer. So by getting your booking direct we can ensure that you get the full Cwtch Farm experience right from the start instead of waiting for your details to land from a 3rd party booking platform and only then being able to start to work out what you need to enjoy the best possible stay with us.

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This isn’t all about the B&B owner either, there are a whole range of great benefits for you the consumer too. By booking direct you avoid unnecessary additional charges and commission fees both for you and the B&B. The online booking platforms that we all like to look at have a place in the industry, both for ease of browsing and narrowing down your choice but also for helping new businesses to establish their place in the market, they are also in the business of making money, so they are taking a cut out of each booking, for them it’s all about quantity rather than quality.

Consumers are becoming savvier and you can be too, when you find the perfect place to stay on a booking platform don’t be afraid to hit google and find the establishment online and compare the prices that they can offer. If you’ve chosen Cwtch Farm because its pet friendly but you want to check that you can bring your Pygmy African Hedgehog (yep true story – and he was lovely) then booking direct makes it easy, you can call us, ask any questions you might have and know quickly that you’ve made the right decision to bring you and your pets to Wales. When you book through a booking platform you are essentially dealing with a computer or robot rather than a human being and you have to wait for a period before you get an answer to your questions, as these requests are going to pass through several processes before reaching the B&B. Do you really want to risk booking a ‘pet friendly’ B&B that really means your dog can stay provided he sleeps on the floor in the barn rather than on his bed in your room? If the answers are not what you want to hear then often cancellation is the only option, and this is not nice for you the consumer and an absolute headache for the B&B owner. Written communication in the form of online chat messages can leave room for interpretation and can be a one-way process as the B&B may not get your contact details immediately. As a result, there is always a risk that your needs may not be met as well as you and the owner would hope due to misinterpretation or lack of detail. Booking direct immediately gives you a more personal service giving you direct access to the owner and their team so that you can make any special requests or enquiries that you need to and be sure a human considers and delivers for your needs.

This direct and more immediate access to the B&B means that you can and most likely will receive much more detailed information and suggestions so that you can make the most of your stay. By talking to the owner and their team directly they get a flavor of what you want to achieve from your stay and can make local suggestions accordingly. We want to tell you all about the Brecon Beacons, on our doorstep. We will also give you some ideas of places to visit in Swansea and of course we’ll boast about the beaches on the Gower, we really wouldn’t want you to miss out on all of that. At the same time if you book direct and tell us you aren’t a beach lover then we will tailor our guidance accordingly. An email confirmation with your name and address details from a booking platform often doesn’t give enough information to achieve this.

Finally, by booking directly with your B&B you get access to their cancellation terms and conditions which are often more favorable than the booking platforms. We have seen these platforms take up to 25% of the booking value from the client and B&B yet here at Cwtch Farm we always try to be as flexible and supportive as we can be should you need to change your plans.

So, if you are looking to stay in a Bed and Breakfast or small hotel and want to secure the best possible price, with the best possible customer service experience direct booking is the answer. The fact that this approach benefits you and the owner is a bonus, right?

We look forward to welcoming you to Wales and Cwtch Farm this year. We are a truly ‘Pet Friendly’ bed and breakfast and accept mud, fur and all that comes with your pets! We are brilliantly located for you to enjoy the Brecon Beacons, Black Mountain, Swansea and all that the beautiful Gower Peninsula has to offer. We will give you all (human and animals alike) the very best Welsh welcome, so head on over to our Facebook page and website now to see how the Cwtch Piggies and Collie dogs are getting on and see our deals while you are there – www.facebook.com/cwwtchfarm.co.uk and www.cwtchfarm.co.uk.

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